Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Halo CE Anniversary

Developers (in order by size)
Certain Affinity
Sabre Interactive
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Game plot :...... well its the same as halo CE

Whats new: first 343i solo release of halo upgraded graphics way point, fire fight and remastered maps for multilayer and the ability to switch between mastered and original graphics ( this is only available in campaign) and they have also added a few skulls. So all together they have taken the best of the best from all halo games and combined them in to one game. So you would expect it to have sold lots and lots of copies but the last number I saw was around 1.2 million copies which is a respectable number but no where near Halo one's 5 million copies sold. And i cant see it getting there with halo one's price down to $5.00 and anniversary being near the same game I don’t think Microsoft is going to anywhere near the projected profits from the game.

What I liked and disliked about the game

  • you can see the difference between it and the original
  • you can turn most of the new things off
  • some of the new lines
  • fire fight is decently hard and fun
  • load times are fast

  • they changed sarges look too much and toned him down a lot
  • the game doesn’t pause while switching modes
  • the “upgraded” graphics are not that much better
  • the game mechanics are the same
  • too many achievement (one for every level)
  • reach controls while playing the original halo ?
I would suggest this game for a halo one player who only has a 360 other than that I would only buy this game on sale. 

This game gets 4 of 7 WASD controllers

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