Wednesday, October 17, 2012

  Master of Orion II Battle At Antares  

This 4x turn based strategy game commonly called moo2 was published by MicroProse and developed by Simtex in 1996, the game was released as a sequel to the very popular Master of Orion  which had been released  3 years prior. as the second installment in the series it took the format and feel of the first game and added a new look and added a few new features such as 3 new races to play as and a race customization option. the game has 4 different types of multilayer LAN and hot seat in my experience have always worked the best as for online match ups games have a tendency to run very long I have had matches that lasted upwards of 2 hours and trying to find players online is tricky as well the game is 16 years old. even though the game is this old I would put it up against any modern game of  the same genre as the games graphical style seems to be timeless as it refuses to age. the game has a sequel called Master of Orion III published in 2003 by Infogrames and is the worst game in the Master of Orion series in fact it was so bad that its on my top 100 worst games ever list. as for the best game in the series it has to be Orion 2. The first two games can be found here for $5.99US  if 4x or turn based strategy games are your thing i highly recommend   moo2.


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

TOP 10/40 RPG'S   

1.  Final Fantasy  7
2. Earth Bound 
3. Pokemon 
4. Chrono Trigger 
5. Elder Scrolls 4
6. 3D Dot Game Heroes 
7. Fable : the lost chapters  
8. Lufia 2 
9. Super Mario RPG 
10. Star ocean 
11. Golden Sun 
12. Secret of Mana   
13. Phantasy Star 
14. Kingdom of Hearts 2 
15. Final Fantasy Tactics 
16. SW Knights of the Old Republic 
17. Ultima 
18. Legend of Dragoon 
19. Custom Robo 
20. Guild Wars
 21. Mega Man X Command Mission 
22.  Fallout 3 
23. Gauntlet 
24. Mass Effect 
25. Paper Mario TTYD 
26. Dragon Age 
27. Fire Emblem  
28. Evolution 2 
29. Crisis Core 
30. Grandia 
 31. Fallout New Vegas 
32. Fate 
33. Dark Cloud 
34. Diablo 
35. Mario Super Star Saga 
36. Digimon world 3 
37. Paper Mario 
38. WOW
39. Borderlands 
40. Harvest Moon 
anything that i got wrong ? disagree with the order of the list ? or did i just leave  something out ? also tell  me what you have played? tell me in the comments below 

Monday, April 23, 2012

Wolfenstein 3D

Released by Apogee software in 1992 wolfenstein 3D is a first person shooter in which you go through a castle called wolfenstein and collect treasure and finding hidden compartments and of course killing Nazis. And this last point is where I will start the review there are about five types of Nazis that you can kill not including bosses they are the foot soldier the SS officers the German shepherds the mutant guard and the schutzstaffe guard. Each of these have different equipment and stats and the hardest of witch for me was the mutant guard. Now my game is the full version but there is a shareware release but you can only go up to the first boss in that version but in the full one there are eight bosses and a level for each and a bonus level with the ghosts from pack man chasing you While you try to gather treasure. There were hundreds of games that were based on the engine. The game its self only had a few sequels and a prequel. But there was in my opinion there was only one worth playing and that was the 2001 release return to castle wolfenstein which has been ported to just about every console that was out at the time I bought the X-box version. This game has what might be the best storyline for a fps in 2001 and can be picked up today for around five dollars. the series its self seems to have run out of ideas as you can see with the 2009 version wolfenstein. 

Friday, April 13, 2012

My Top Indie Games For 2012

DR.who worlds in time   by 3 Rings

Journey by  That Game Company

Tower Wars by Supervillain Studios

The Banner Saga by Stoic Studios

Drox Operative by Soldak

Charlie Murder by Ska

Angry Birds Space by Rovio

Awesomenauts by Ronimo

Mutant Mudds by  Renegade Kid

Bomb Monkey by  Renegade Kid

Pixeljunk4am by Q-Games \

The Witness by Jonathan Blow

Prime World by Nival

The Great Work by Nifflas

Catacomb Snatch by Mojang

Cavern Of Minos by Jeff Minter

Shank 2 by Klei

The Cross formula by Kat Games

Stellar Dawn by Jagex

Overstrike by Insomniac

Botanicula by Amanita

Battle Block Theater by The Behemoth

Carrier Command Gaea Mission by Bohemia Interactive

Armma 3 by Bohemia Interactive

Otherworld by Boomzap

rune legend by dreadlock

Stronghold Kingdoms by Firefly

The Testament of Sherlock Holmes by Frogware

Amnesia a Machine For Pigs by Frictional


any other suggestions?

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Games to watch this year (not in order)

Mass Effect 3 BY bio-ware  
The Darkness II BY 2K 
Soul Caliber 5 BY  NAMCO
The Simpsons Arcade BY Konami 
Tekken 3D Prime BY NAMCO 
Twisted Metal BY Sony 
Syndicate BY EA
Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City BY Capcom 
Tactical Intervention BY Mayn Interactive
Prototype 2 BY Activision
street fighter X tekken BY Capcom 
Game Of Thrones BY ATLUS
Max Payne 3 BY Rockstar Games  
Resident Evil 6 BY Capcom
Assassins Creed 3 BY Ubisoft 
Diablo 3 BY Blizzard 
DOTA 2 BY Valve 
Epic Micky 2 BY Disney Interactive Studios
Fable The Journey (4) BY Lionhead Studios 
Guild Wars 2 BY NCsoft 
Far cry 3 BY Ubisoft
Halo 4 BY 343i 
The Last Guardian BY Sony  
Uncharted 3 BY SCE Bend Studio 
Metal Gear Solid Rising BY Kojima Productions 
Bioshock Infinite BY Irrational Games

Border Lands 2 BY Gearbox Software

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning BY EA 

The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings BY NAMCO 
I Am Alive BY Ubisoft 
DUST 514 BY CCP games 
Ninja Gaiden 3 BY TECMO 
Silent Hill Downpour BY Konami 

these are the games that I will be following closely for this year.. i will have second list up for the Indy games I will be following. 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Halo CE Anniversary

Developers (in order by size)
Certain Affinity
Sabre Interactive
links to all web sites

Game plot :...... well its the same as halo CE

Whats new: first 343i solo release of halo upgraded graphics way point, fire fight and remastered maps for multilayer and the ability to switch between mastered and original graphics ( this is only available in campaign) and they have also added a few skulls. So all together they have taken the best of the best from all halo games and combined them in to one game. So you would expect it to have sold lots and lots of copies but the last number I saw was around 1.2 million copies which is a respectable number but no where near Halo one's 5 million copies sold. And i cant see it getting there with halo one's price down to $5.00 and anniversary being near the same game I don’t think Microsoft is going to anywhere near the projected profits from the game.

What I liked and disliked about the game

  • you can see the difference between it and the original
  • you can turn most of the new things off
  • some of the new lines
  • fire fight is decently hard and fun
  • load times are fast

  • they changed sarges look too much and toned him down a lot
  • the game doesn’t pause while switching modes
  • the “upgraded” graphics are not that much better
  • the game mechanics are the same
  • too many achievement (one for every level)
  • reach controls while playing the original halo ?
I would suggest this game for a halo one player who only has a 360 other than that I would only buy this game on sale. 

This game gets 4 of 7 WASD controllers

Thanks for reading


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

As a gamer my main focus has been on RPG's and RTS's    but that's not the background that I came from. what I started on was a Sega Genesis with only a few cartridges (and Sega CD's) and one of those cartridges was super street fighter 2, and its because of this I have been slowly buying all the fighter games that I can get my hands on. The latest addition to the collection (and the topic of this post) is the latest instalment in the Marvel vs Cappcom series  Ultimate Marvel vs Cappcom 3

I started this game the way that any one would I challenged my older brother in versus mode looking for revenge for all those times that he beat at...... well almost every other fighting game I've ever played with him. As we started the game we both chose random I got She Hulk Aurthur and Wolverine he got Ryu, X-25 and Deadpool. This time the win belonged to me. That was probably the first time I have ever beat him on a first play. He seemed rather miffed that I beat him so I offered him a rematch I won this as well and then we descended into 2 hours of him killing me with Amaterasu after all this I still hadn't figured out how to block so when he left to go do homework I quickly went to google this (and the combos for the Hulk) so when we played next I could easily win and next time we played... well he still won so that has led me to conclude that Amaterasu is the most overpowered character but that's not what this post is about. its about game play

here are some of the things  I found with the game starting with the positives

1. The arcade mode I found that it was placed together well and that there were nothing restricting me to charters  and you can actually tell the difference between all the AI (this makes me particularly happy as a guy who has to beat a game on all difficulty's

2. Load times from start to finish the load times are quick and not boring.

3. Each character has their own endings

Now for the negatives

1. Graphics aren't the best (but acceptable )

2. Not the best button configuration for the 360 you can customize the controller layout but this takes a long amount of time to set up

3. Voice acting is a Little Iffy

That's it for this review  if there is something I left out tell me what it is in comments !!!!!


by the way this game will be coming out the psp vita witch I think will be the best platform for it ... what do you think comment and share plz

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Portal 2 Review

To start off with Portal 2 is a muticonsole game which I've played on both PC and Xbox 360 and I would say that its most definitely better on the PC. This is basically due to the slightly better graphics you can have and you can tune the controls to where your comfortable with them, and as we all know a game where the controls are not where you want will always lead to poor game play. This game seems to have paid a great attention to detail, in a lot of games you have to make a journey but don't remember the trip at all, but with Portal 2 you get a memorable trip and a great connecting of levels. Now some of the load times aren't that good and the load screen is rather boring but its loading  rather complex levels, not even talking about the graphics it has to load. Anyway I think that this is a very good sequel to the original portal which is a hard game to follow, but portal 2 took it all in stride. Now I am not really going to go into detail as to do that you have to give the game away. But I will say that the storyline gives you lots of options as to what to do, and it has a multilayer mode which is one of the best Ive played in a long while. And G.L.A.D.O.S. is still awesome and evil. 

Thanks for reading    G.C

Friday, August 26, 2011

This Years Most Popular Games

Here we go  the following list and descriptions are, in my opinion, the most awaited games of
this year. 

EA will have Need for Speed The Run, out this year The Run will be the 19th game in the
continuing Need for Speed saga it is available November 15 on all the newer consoles and the 3DS

Bio ware will have the newest Star Wars game out this year it will be called The Old Republic

One of the most awaited games this year Battle Field 3 will be out at some point this year

What I think to be the best game out yet this year- Dead Space 2- came out earlier this

In a tie for best game, well in my mind, Mass Effect 2 was also out this year and the 3rd part of this game saga
will be out in the holiday season in the form of Mass Effect 3

The Elder Scrolls Skyrim will be out this year on  November 11 this is basically the only
offering from Bethesda this year 

Atari's big game this year is Test Drive Unlimited 2 which is all ready out

Capcom has the 3rd Marvel vs Capcom scheduled to come out in November

Capcom's other big game was Dead Rising 2

Square Enix has one of the coolest looking games coming out in September this of course is                     Dead Island there are definitely a lot of people waiting for this game. This going to be a big  one

Its Nintendo time, Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword is set to release in November around the 20th

The new Kirby will be out in October and will be titled Kirby"s Return to Dreamland 
Driver San Fransisco will be out October 8th
Star fox 64 3D will be out on the 3DS on October 9

That's my idea of a best games in 2011 list, if you think I forgot a game leave a comment telling me what it is.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

what i think of dead rising 2

OK here it is. this is my opinion about Dead Rising 2, for those not familiar with this game i will include a wiki link in the links bar. This game was good but not worth the 60 bucks you're going to have to spend to it,  my rating for it is wait for a sale, here is my reasoning ...

     Now the first thing I have to write about has very little to do with the game itself but rather with windows LIVE which for those of you who don't know- you must have a live profile to save the game- and that right there is my first problem because this means that you must have access to the internet to be able to save the game. After that massive hassle, you're finally able to play the game with full features.  Next issue... to be able to properly move the camera you must have very good mouse skills as its a manual camera movement (this can be changed in the options menu). The next thing that you will really notice are the graphics which are not the best out there but they do get the job done. The largest problem I have with this game is that you can not change the controls at all. This means you are stuck with the standard WASD-E set up-- now for me personally this doesn't work well as it feels awkward and uncomfortable for my hand thus leading to many mistakes making the game harder and less fun. This game has two things going for it and they are storyline and that its really fun to kill zombies with random objects.

So that is what i thought of Dead Rising 2----  leave a comment telling me if you agree with me or why you disagree with me.


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