Monday, November 17, 2014

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Pixel Pirates Review

I first heard of this game when it was in its early stages of steam's early access. It is now out on steam for 10.99 CAD. I had not heard to much about this game since and I couldn't figure out why a game that includes "side-scrolling 2d, real time strategy,sandbox, simulation" and is made by some of the people who were behind Terraria. This was until I played it and 2 minutes in to my play though the reason why became very apparent. This game is flawed in almost every way you can imagine which begs the question how do you make a bad Terraria + pirates game. and considering for the same price I can get Sid Meier's Pirates! ( one of the best pirate games ever even after 25 years). The problem with this game is simple its too easy to die and far to complex even on easy. I love its pixel graphics and its pure quirkiness. As for story line you are on a mission to kill 4 legendary pirates.

I found that having an end goal kind of took a lot of the wind out of this games sails. This game claims to be a survivalist game and its not kidding, the hunger bar empties extremely quickly, this was the way I died the most being killed by natives is a close second and you die a lot in this game trust me. I am not even getting into some of the bugs I ran into. At the end of the day its what it claimed to be a pixel pirate game but I just wanted something more from it. It gets a 5/10 from me a lot of the problems I encountered can and very well may eventually be patched. If I had to chose a pirate game to buy I would buy Sid Meier's Pirates every time.

Friday, November 14, 2014

New Content Coming This Month

  I have been taking a break from this blog for awhile and for various reasons, but this month we are coming back (and with regular posting days now). Here is a quick rundown of what you can expect from us this month:
 PS4 review 

Shadows of Mordor review  

COD Ghosts review  

Heroes of Might and Magic 3 review 

Lords of The Realm series review  

and  News 

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

  Master of Orion II Battle At Antares  

This 4x turn based strategy game commonly called moo2 was published by MicroProse and developed by Simtex in 1996, the game was released as a sequel to the very popular Master of Orion  which had been released  3 years prior. as the second installment in the series it took the format and feel of the first game and added a new look and added a few new features such as 3 new races to play as and a race customization option. the game has 4 different types of multilayer LAN and hot seat in my experience have always worked the best as for online match ups games have a tendency to run very long I have had matches that lasted upwards of 2 hours and trying to find players online is tricky as well the game is 16 years old. even though the game is this old I would put it up against any modern game of  the same genre as the games graphical style seems to be timeless as it refuses to age. the game has a sequel called Master of Orion III published in 2003 by Infogrames and is the worst game in the Master of Orion series in fact it was so bad that its on my top 100 worst games ever list. as for the best game in the series it has to be Orion 2. The first two games can be found here for $5.99US  if 4x or turn based strategy games are your thing i highly recommend   moo2.


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

TOP 10/40 RPG'S   

1.  Final Fantasy  7
2. Earth Bound 
3. Pokemon 
4. Chrono Trigger 
5. Elder Scrolls 4
6. 3D Dot Game Heroes 
7. Fable : the lost chapters  
8. Lufia 2 
9. Super Mario RPG 
10. Star ocean 
11. Golden Sun 
12. Secret of Mana   
13. Phantasy Star 
14. Kingdom of Hearts 2 
15. Final Fantasy Tactics 
16. SW Knights of the Old Republic 
17. Ultima 
18. Legend of Dragoon 
19. Custom Robo 
20. Guild Wars
 21. Mega Man X Command Mission 
22.  Fallout 3 
23. Gauntlet 
24. Mass Effect 
25. Paper Mario TTYD 
26. Dragon Age 
27. Fire Emblem  
28. Evolution 2 
29. Crisis Core 
30. Grandia 
 31. Fallout New Vegas 
32. Fate 
33. Dark Cloud 
34. Diablo 
35. Mario Super Star Saga 
36. Digimon world 3 
37. Paper Mario 
38. WOW
39. Borderlands 
40. Harvest Moon 
anything that i got wrong ? disagree with the order of the list ? or did i just leave  something out ? also tell  me what you have played? tell me in the comments below