Wednesday, January 25, 2012

As a gamer my main focus has been on RPG's and RTS's    but that's not the background that I came from. what I started on was a Sega Genesis with only a few cartridges (and Sega CD's) and one of those cartridges was super street fighter 2, and its because of this I have been slowly buying all the fighter games that I can get my hands on. The latest addition to the collection (and the topic of this post) is the latest instalment in the Marvel vs Cappcom series  Ultimate Marvel vs Cappcom 3

I started this game the way that any one would I challenged my older brother in versus mode looking for revenge for all those times that he beat at...... well almost every other fighting game I've ever played with him. As we started the game we both chose random I got She Hulk Aurthur and Wolverine he got Ryu, X-25 and Deadpool. This time the win belonged to me. That was probably the first time I have ever beat him on a first play. He seemed rather miffed that I beat him so I offered him a rematch I won this as well and then we descended into 2 hours of him killing me with Amaterasu after all this I still hadn't figured out how to block so when he left to go do homework I quickly went to google this (and the combos for the Hulk) so when we played next I could easily win and next time we played... well he still won so that has led me to conclude that Amaterasu is the most overpowered character but that's not what this post is about. its about game play

here are some of the things  I found with the game starting with the positives

1. The arcade mode I found that it was placed together well and that there were nothing restricting me to charters  and you can actually tell the difference between all the AI (this makes me particularly happy as a guy who has to beat a game on all difficulty's

2. Load times from start to finish the load times are quick and not boring.

3. Each character has their own endings

Now for the negatives

1. Graphics aren't the best (but acceptable )

2. Not the best button configuration for the 360 you can customize the controller layout but this takes a long amount of time to set up

3. Voice acting is a Little Iffy

That's it for this review  if there is something I left out tell me what it is in comments !!!!!


by the way this game will be coming out the psp vita witch I think will be the best platform for it ... what do you think comment and share plz

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