Thursday, August 25, 2011

what i think of dead rising 2

OK here it is. this is my opinion about Dead Rising 2, for those not familiar with this game i will include a wiki link in the links bar. This game was good but not worth the 60 bucks you're going to have to spend to it,  my rating for it is wait for a sale, here is my reasoning ...

     Now the first thing I have to write about has very little to do with the game itself but rather with windows LIVE which for those of you who don't know- you must have a live profile to save the game- and that right there is my first problem because this means that you must have access to the internet to be able to save the game. After that massive hassle, you're finally able to play the game with full features.  Next issue... to be able to properly move the camera you must have very good mouse skills as its a manual camera movement (this can be changed in the options menu). The next thing that you will really notice are the graphics which are not the best out there but they do get the job done. The largest problem I have with this game is that you can not change the controls at all. This means you are stuck with the standard WASD-E set up-- now for me personally this doesn't work well as it feels awkward and uncomfortable for my hand thus leading to many mistakes making the game harder and less fun. This game has two things going for it and they are storyline and that its really fun to kill zombies with random objects.

So that is what i thought of Dead Rising 2----  leave a comment telling me if you agree with me or why you disagree with me.


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