Friday, August 26, 2011

This Years Most Popular Games

Here we go  the following list and descriptions are, in my opinion, the most awaited games of
this year. 

EA will have Need for Speed The Run, out this year The Run will be the 19th game in the
continuing Need for Speed saga it is available November 15 on all the newer consoles and the 3DS

Bio ware will have the newest Star Wars game out this year it will be called The Old Republic

One of the most awaited games this year Battle Field 3 will be out at some point this year

What I think to be the best game out yet this year- Dead Space 2- came out earlier this

In a tie for best game, well in my mind, Mass Effect 2 was also out this year and the 3rd part of this game saga
will be out in the holiday season in the form of Mass Effect 3

The Elder Scrolls Skyrim will be out this year on  November 11 this is basically the only
offering from Bethesda this year 

Atari's big game this year is Test Drive Unlimited 2 which is all ready out

Capcom has the 3rd Marvel vs Capcom scheduled to come out in November

Capcom's other big game was Dead Rising 2

Square Enix has one of the coolest looking games coming out in September this of course is                     Dead Island there are definitely a lot of people waiting for this game. This going to be a big  one

Its Nintendo time, Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword is set to release in November around the 20th

The new Kirby will be out in October and will be titled Kirby"s Return to Dreamland 
Driver San Fransisco will be out October 8th
Star fox 64 3D will be out on the 3DS on October 9

That's my idea of a best games in 2011 list, if you think I forgot a game leave a comment telling me what it is.


Sarah-Miss Miss Virtual Reality said...

I have to say that Kinect Star Wars was supposed to be a big game this year, but it got delayed. I agree with Kirby since everybody loves Kirby.

Gametrender said...

Nice list-first time I've heard of Dead Island , but I'm defo going to find out more? Skyrim is absolutely going to be awesome! I'm busy compiling my 2011 best Android/Iphone list for if you feel like contributing.