Monday, November 17, 2014

Pixel Pirates Review

I first heard of this game when it was in its early stages of steam's early access. It is now out on steam for 10.99 CAD. I had not heard to much about this game since and I couldn't figure out why a game that includes "side-scrolling 2d, real time strategy,sandbox, simulation" and is made by some of the people who were behind Terraria. This was until I played it and 2 minutes in to my play though the reason why became very apparent. This game is flawed in almost every way you can imagine which begs the question how do you make a bad Terraria + pirates game. and considering for the same price I can get Sid Meier's Pirates! ( one of the best pirate games ever even after 25 years). The problem with this game is simple its too easy to die and far to complex even on easy. I love its pixel graphics and its pure quirkiness. As for story line you are on a mission to kill 4 legendary pirates.

I found that having an end goal kind of took a lot of the wind out of this games sails. This game claims to be a survivalist game and its not kidding, the hunger bar empties extremely quickly, this was the way I died the most being killed by natives is a close second and you die a lot in this game trust me. I am not even getting into some of the bugs I ran into. At the end of the day its what it claimed to be a pixel pirate game but I just wanted something more from it. It gets a 5/10 from me a lot of the problems I encountered can and very well may eventually be patched. If I had to chose a pirate game to buy I would buy Sid Meier's Pirates every time.

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